Darth Kaelon

Darth Kaelon is a Dark Lord of the Sith who rules the Empire as one of the twelve members of the feared Dark Council during the era of the Old Republic. A powerful Sith Sorcerer and master of the Dark Side of the Force, Kaelon’s reign of tyranny throughout the galaxy have earned him the moniker Darth Nox as he and his companions on his starship Interminable, a Fury-class Imperial Interceptor, scortch a trail of terror blazing across the stars.


Born on Alderaan during the harsh winter of 3669 BBY, Kaelon Andropos Xerxentis had a childhood of innocence and privilege growing up in the Royal Court of House Panteer. When Queen Silara Panteer was killed in 3653 BBY, his family fled the looming civil war on the planet. His father, Andropon, had been a sentinel guardian to the royal family and his mother, Marlena, a gifted scribe and artist; neither were especially suited to prevent the entire family’s inevitable subjugation at the hands of Sith slavers. And yet his enslavement as a young boy awakened within him a vast reservoir of hate from which he would draw incredible power. After nearly a decade in captivity, his unleashing of force powers compelled the Sith Empire to relocate him to Korriban where he would endure trials designed to end his existence. Instead, he destroyed all of the other initiates by outmaneuvering them in pursuit of ancient artifacts.

Early Conquests

After graduating from the Sith Academy, Kaelon served as apprentice to the scheming Lady Zash and was plunged into the treacherous field of imperial politics and began to intervene across the galaxy on behalf of the Sith Empire. His earliest exploits earned Kaelon various terrifying accolades:

  • Butcher of Balmorra: Kaelon spearheaded the Sith Empire’s annexation of the newly-independent planet of Balmorra and thwarted the Republic’s efforts to keep Balmorra within its orbit.
  • Ruler of the Sith Cult on Nar Shaddaa: While securing the Empire’s interests on the Hutt world of Nar Shaddaa, Kaelon established a cult of followers and destroyed a rival Sith archaeologist to seize control of all force-users on the planet.
  • Architect of Tatooine: Securing the Czerka weapons facilities for the Empire, Kaelon was captured in the process by a band of pirates, whom he later force-persuaded to serving him as their new captain.

Conquest of Alderaan

With a secure powerbase that spanned the stars, Kaelon had to prove himself to become a Dark Lord of the Sith, and decided to return home to Alderaan to intervene in the Civil War among the great houses. Initially supporting the Empire’s House Thul, Kaelon took command of imperial forces on the planet and raised his own army from feudal levies that he terrorized and threatened into compliance. In the course of a violent subjugation of the planet that included the destruction of Castle Organa and the assassination of the pretender Ulgo, Kaelon discovered the Resplendent Crown of the Panteer. Rather than bestow the Crown - and thus legitimacy to rule Alderaan - onto a favored house, Kaelon crowned himself King, ushering a new era of Imperial Domination on the planet. Filled with joyous rage brought on by this delicious treachery, Kaelon returned to the Imperial Capital of Dromund Kaas and promptly killed Darth Zash to become a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Dark Lord of the Sith

Delivering vengeance for his family’s enslavement out of Alderaan, Lord Kaelon manipulated Grand Moff Kilran and Darth Malgus into ceding control of the Thrakath, an Imperial Vindicator-Class Star Destroyer, along with a supporting fleet. He led a vicious military campaign designed to build his power under the veneer of expanding the empire so that he could acquire the necessary relics and force-artifacts to secure his place on the Dark Council to lead the Sith Empire. His achievements as a Dark Lord included:

  • Destroyer of Taris: Lord Kaelon took control of imperial operations on the doomed world of Taris and strode through the charred remains of every single city and settlement on the planet.
  • Redeemer of Hoth: On the ice-world of Hoth, Lord Kaelon advanced imperial objectives on Hoth through the empire’s ally, the Chiss Ascendancy, while consuming the power of various ancient artifacts.
  • Liberator of Belsavis: Plundering the Republic prison-world of Belsavis, Lord Kaelon freed the Dread Masters, extremely powerful Sith. When they tried to control Kaelon, he resisted their influence and asserted his supremacy.
  • Legate of Voss: Lord Kaelon secured the imperial stratagem by negotiating a complex and intricate treaty with the Voss. One of the provisions yielded Voss’ military forces to his personal control.

Seduction of Ashara

While on Taris, Lord Kaelon encountered the beautiful and young Togruta Jedi Padawan, Ashara Zavros. Ashara, long considered the best duelist ever to enter the Jedi Academy, was intensely passionate in violation of the strict dictates of the Jedi Order, an attribute the Lord Kaelon ravenously devoured. Manipulating her to submit to her passions, the Dark Lord of the Sith convinced Ashara to assist him which resulted in the deaths of her masters. Inevitably, Ashara became a willing pawn in assisting Kaelon to consume the powerful souls of Jedi and Sith spirits.

After she joined his crew aboard the Interminable, Ashara became mesmerized by the Dark Lord’s decisiveness. More than simply ruthless, Kaelon’s choices reflected a calculating strategy towards building a terrifying new organization of power. Shunned by her order, she began to question the Jedi Code and turned to the Sith Code as a remedy for her conflicted mind. She submitted completely to Lord Kaelon’s teachings and became both his apprentice and mistress soon thereafter. Their romance was built upon passion as its touchstone.

  • Ashara and Kaelon married in secret, ca. 3641 BBY.
  • House Xerxentis was proclaimed a Legacy, with the children of their union destined to rule the galaxy.
  • Together they built separate powerbases across the Republic and Empire to lay the foundation of a New Order.

Darth and Dark Council

Secure in his powerbase with followers in dozens of star systems and three separate interstellar powers, Kaelon Xerxentis made a triumphant return to Dromund Kaas with a vast fleet and large army at his disposal. Intending on occupying the Imperial Seat, the Emperor instead challenged the Dark Lord to display the full measure of his power by defeating Darth Thanaton, arguably the most powerful member of the Dark Council. The two agreed to a Kaggath and chose Correlia as their battlefield.

  • Governor of Correlia: Kaelon seized the upper hand against Darth Thanaton and in the process took control of Correlia. Rather than install an imperial puppet (whom Kaelon had killed instead), the Lord was proclaimed Governor and Ruler of Correlia in a glorious tribute parade before Coronet City.

As Darth Thanaton fled to Korriban, Lord Kaelon pursued and faced him in a duel on the floor of the Dark Council Chambers, force-deflecting Thanaton’s repeated attacks until finally killing him. In response, the Emperor instructed Darth Marr to award Thanaton’s seat on the Council to Kaelon, who was subsequently named Darth. Darth Kaelon took control of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge to command the Imperial Reclamation Service, and through it, unlock the secrets of the galaxy.

  • Plunderer of Makeb: Darth Kaelon led imperial forces with Darth Marr to expel the Republic from the planet Makeb and in doing so secure the galaxy’s only known source of Isotope-5, an incredibly rare mineral with powerful warping effects on electromagnetic and gravitational fields.


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