I, Kaelon.

Greetings! In the cosmic tapestry of digital realms, where technology collides with imagination, shall you find me, Kaelon, a tyrannical powermonger with faerie tale dreams of a glorious future.

I am a Gamer.

As an avid and hyper-engaged gamer, I relish the spirit of teamwork and competition that massively multiplayer online games offer. I am “hardcore casual,” in the sense that I have limited playtime but I am serious about progression and celebrate excellence in gaming. I also periodically stream on Twitch. On all platforms, I am known as “Kaelon.”

I am a Role Player.

I am a Game Master with decades of experience in producing and directing interactive role playing games and collaborative storytelling experiences. I use the name "Kaelon" in my role playing game design and development activities, and have been featured in numerous industry publications. 

I am a Technologist.

I grew up at the dawn of the personal computing age and became an adult through the birth of the Internet. Raised by computer scientists, I have long held a life-long adoration of technology and its capacity to be both radically disruptive and incomparably redefining of the human experience. As a digital futurist, I actively write about tech and social media. 



Creator. Gamer. Adventurer. Archmage. Star Pirate. Anchorite.