I'm a Gamer. As an avid and hyper-engaged gamer, I relish the spirit of teamwork and competition that massively multiplayer online games have to offer. I am "hardcore casual" in the sense that I have limited playtime but I am serious about progression and celebrate excellence in gaming. Principally a PC gamer, I also periodically stream on Twitch and create role playing games. On all platforms, I am known as "Kaelon."

Current Titles

  • World of Warcraft
    In Warcraft, since launch in 2004, I have continually played Archmage Kaelon, a Gnome Arcane Mage who enjoys challenging dungeons, raids, scenarios, and outdoor content at max level.

  • Sea of Thieves
    The Epic Pirate Legend, Captain Kaelon, is feared and admired across the high seas. Open world treasure-hunting since launch, with regular crews and alliances.

  • Overwatch
    Original League competitive Overwatch player. Pharah / main, Bastion alt.; enjoys mostly Quick Play and following the eSports scene in support of the Boston Uprising.

Legacy Titles

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
    Darth Kaelon is a top-tier end-game Sith Sorcerer. Herein, I chronicle his rise to power in narrative detail suiting an arch-villain of the fine space opera.


Creator. Gamer. Adventurer. Archmage. Star Pirate. Anchorite.